“The Struggles Along the Way are Only Meant to Shape You for Your Purpose.”

― Chadwick Boseman

I'm Jonas Togo.
A creative director and entrepreneur with a curious, stubborn, and leading mindset on a mission to find purpose and joy in life. My guidelines and values for doing so are; Curiosity, legacy and Self-Awareness.



Turning 30 I launched the TOQO organization that connects men around the world with one simple and powerful statement:Making men feel capable in
body and mind.
Our first goal is the TQ2024 project which will test your physical and mental capabilities in 12 months and 12 challenges. Let's Go.

(Coming soon)

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My weekly newsletter consists of the knowledge, inspiration, and assets I use on a daily basis to enhance my life and mindset.Included is my personal top 5 list of books and tools I recommend to develop and grow as a human.


My personal involvement and creative direction on and off the camera are how we created unique and engaging stories together.


My role and partnership is built upon my skilled knowledge about online identity, marketing and brand in each business.

My mission statement

‘’I want to create my legacy by being a role model who leads through example in my daily actions’’

My story

I thought I had everything sorted out on what I was supposed to do in my life, then a trip to South America and my camera changed everything.

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